Hair removal - It's time to get your GEAR OFF!


So this is what I'm imaging you are doing while reading this. You are snuggled up on the couch with the fire blazing and fluffy slippers on. With a hot cup of tea in hand, there is absolutely NOTHING ON THIS EARTH that could possibly inspire you to move. Stepping outside into a less than warm environment is just not appealing. Nor is, I'd imagine ‘getting your gear off’.


Let’s face it, in winter we all tend to behave like grizzly bears and hibernate for the better part of it. Often we use it as an excuse to not abide by our usual 'grooming activities'. Spray tans, shaving, plucking, waxing, arghh forget it! Who’s going to know if we have legs hairier than a tarantula right??

The reality is though, as soon as that glorious sun blesses us with its presence we all go into a ‘grooming frenzy’. Razors and wax strips fly off the shelves. Beauty salons and laser hair removal clinics are booked solid. Everyone has left it to the last minute..or first ray of sun.

Now I’m all for having some much deserved time off from the relentless grooming that society has adopted these days. It’s exhausting, costly, time consuming and often painful. Not to mention it usually goes unnoticed by everyone bar ourselves. So covering up in winter is rather appealing to say the least.

But did you know that…..


Why is that?

Fact: Laser is attracted to the colour (pigment) in your hair root. If the pigment of your skin is the same or darker than your hair, the laser won’t bypass your skins surface to the hair root. This means the laser will in fact target the pigment in your skin. This can lead to a whole lot of potential issues. The most common being Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIHP). PIHP is a temporary darkening of the skin caused by a trauma to the epidermis and/or dermis of the skin.

To put it simply, the more contrast there is between the colour of the skin and hair the safer it is.

Pale skin plus dark hair equals a laser therapists dream!

Here’s a few more perks to 'getting your gear off’ in winter for laser treatments.

  • By the time summer comes around, most will have a significant permanent reduction of hair. Tarantula legs will be long gone and in place.....’Legs as SMOOTH as a babies backside’.
  • Those razors and wax strips can remain on the shelf; a saving of a ‘small fortune’ over a lifetime
  • Long gone will be the hours spent weekly/monthly shaving and/or waxing. Did you know that the average ‘shaver’ spends over a month of their life shaving?

So even though you’re all cosy by the fire place and the very thought of heading out into the cold fills you with dread. Now is the time to ‘Get Your Gear Off’ and prepare your soon to be smooth body for summer!

Have an awkward shaving or waxing story you’d like to share? (most of us do). We’d love to hear it!!