LipLase. A viable alternative to fillers?


It’s an undeniable fact. Plump, full lips are a highly desired aesthetic feature in today’s female population.

Why is that, and do men feel the same way?

Research suggests that fuller lips indicate a ‘strong mating potential’. Apparently, women with fuller lips exude not only sensuality, but give off the impression of being ‘excited by sex’.

I’m thinking if that is the case then there’s a good argument to say that men do indeed vote ‘yes’ for fuller lips.

In saying this though, is there an argument that perhaps we’ve taken it a little to far?

I’m pretty confident in saying that most, if not all of us have seen some rather ‘interesting’ results in the endeavour to achieve the perfect pout. Quite often instead of having the sultry, sensual pout of Marilyn Monroe women have ended up with a pout of which Donald Duck may even be envious of.


So, what are the options?

Fillers - Restylane and Juvederm are both hyaluronic acid based and the most commonly used brands for lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide molecule found widely within connective tissue in the body. In these products however it is produced via bacterial fermentation.

In the hands of a highly skilled practitioner. One who knows when ‘less is more’; these products can produce beautiful results ("hello, Marilyn Monroe"). In less skilled hands, that’s when we can see all sorts of odd outcomes ("hi there, Donald Duck").

Laser (LipLase) - So we have known for quite some time, that laser can be used with great success to stimulate the production of collagen. It makes sense that it would only be a matter of time before some genius thought, “hey, lets try that theory on some lips!!”

Sure enough, some genius has and the results are pretty impressive.

No, LipLase cannot double the size of your lips, nor can it change them into a completely different shape. What LipLase can do via working with your own bodies capabilities, is stimulate new collagen growth. This results in a fuller, smoother pout. As an added bonus Liplase also smooths out those pesky lines surrounding our lips. You know the ones that our lipstick always seems to try and escape from (lipstick bleed).

So before your mind asks a very common and sensible question. ”Can I over stimulate the collagen, go to far and end up looking like Donald Duck”, I can tell you this. Our bodies are only ever designed to produce so much collagen. We have a cut-off point so to speak so you will only ever end up with the fullest lips you were ever designed to have.


Ok, so what are the pros and cons here?

Fillers can produce amazing results in the hands of a highly skilled practitioner. Results are generally seen immediately. There will usually be some swelling and or bruising for a few days to a week. Occasionally this can extend to a couple of weeks. There’s a risk of infection, lumps forming, lopsided lips, ulceration and in some cases an allergic reaction. The results ‘generally’ last 4-6 months before further injections are required. Some people metabolise the formula faster and they may need fillers sooner. Fillers do not address the lipstick bleed lines though. They may ‘fill them out’ in the short term but can not smooth them out as they have no affect on the 'structure' of the skin.

LipLase works almost in the opposite fashion to fillers. Rather than having immediate results wearing off over the next 4-6 months, LipLase results improve over those 4-6 months (up to 12 months). This is due to the time it takes for the collagen to be produced and laid down in new neat little packages. The protocol for LipLase is a series of 3-4 monthly sessions. You will notice gradual improvements after each session. Improvements will continue on for many months after the series is complete. There are no injections, nor anaesthetic required. Downtime is minimal with the lips peeling for 2 days post treatment. As with any procedure/treatment there is always risk of infection. As there is no penetration into the skin the risk is minimal.

So in a nutshell. If you are wanting an immediate result. You are comfortable with the concept of adding product to your body. You are happy to maintain the upkeep. Then YES, fillers are for you.

However, if adding products to your body doesn’t sit so well. Immediate results are not crucial. Maximising your own lip potential and smoothing out those pesky lines is appealing. Then its LipLase all the way!

If you’d like to share a ‘Lip’ story please do so below…..(Marilyn Monroe or Donald Duck…either is fine!)